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Ruby Hall Clinic's IVF and Endoscopy center

Ruby Hall Clinic's IVF and Endoscopy center is here to provide comprehensive, compassionate care you need to finally have the family of your dreams under the leadership of Internationally acclaimed specialist Dr. Sunita Tandulwadkar.

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Stretching it out to heal you

Ruby Hall Clinic discusses the importance of fitness and rehabilitation as well as its co-relation with individual well-being. It is here that facilities such as physiotherapy and occupational therapy come into play.

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When it Rains it pours Diseases.

A mixed bag of fun and spoil sport rolled into one, the monsoon brings along a fair share of ups and downs. The fluctuating temperatures, dampness in the air and contaminated water sources makes it a perfect breeding ground for disease causing microbes.

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This high could lead to new lows International day against drug abuse.

Ruby Hall Clinic Hinjawadi's rehabilitation center is designed to integrate and co-ordinate substance abuse treatment services. Treating a variety of alcohol, nicotine, opioid and other drug dependencies the center offers innovative therapeutic strategies for restoring work life balance.

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Did you know there is no substitute for human blood?

Every 2 seconds some one in India needs blood,

yet only 3 in 100 Indians donate.

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Viral Hepatitis isn't in the evening news everyday, but it kills more Indians every year than HIV and all other infectious diseases combined. It's a noiseless threat that is on the rise.

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Years of planning, construction and designing every minute detail will finally come to fruition in early 2016 in the form of Ruby Hall Clinic, Hinjawadi.

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