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Case study of the Eye Mites

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A 22 year old female patient, Computer professional , living in Hinjawadi in a shared bachelor accommodation, came with h/o white bugs coming out of the left eye, watering and redness of the eye. She mentioned that the bug was moving and it was white in colour. On Examination, we found the vision to be normal.Slit lamp examination revealed-Mild Conjunctival congestion left eye, superficial punctate keratitis and some minor scratches on the cornea.Minute white coloured bugs with black head was seen crawling in the conjunctival sac. Local anaesthetic drops instilled and the moving the bug was removed with a forceps and put in formaldehyde. Totally 10 such bugs were removed one after the other. Patient was given antibiotic drops, Lubricant gel and antibiotic ointment.She may also need to be evaluated for immune compromised state.Patient was also referred to the ENT doctor to evaluate further.Patient was advised to get the household checked for mites, pest control to be done and room mates to be checked for similar issues.

Dr. Sapna Kotwaliwale
Ophthalmologist, Ruby Hall Clinic Hinjawadi

Dr. Sudheer Rai
Dr. Sudheer Rai

Chief Operating Officer at Grant Medical Foundation, Ruby Hall Clinic, Pune

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