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Chinese man rendered paralytic post rare neurological disease

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Pune, 9th January 2020:We’ve always taken our limbs for granted – be it for taking us places, feeding ourselves or performing our daily routine in general. But what happens when you suddenly lose sensation in your arms and legs and are barely able to move, that too in a foreign country?  Such was the case of 29-year-old Chinese expat Lee Han*. Visiting Pune on work, he went to Ruby Hall Clinic Hinjawadi with complaints of weakness in both his legs as well as arms.


Explaining the case further, Dr. Kunal Jadhav, Consultant Neurologist, Ruby Hall Clinic Hinjawadisaid, “The patient was completely bedridden and even unable to move his fingers when he visited the hospital. Upon examination we realised the power in his lower limbs and right arm was only 2/5 while that of the left arm was 3/5. He also had an episode of fever and diarrhoea. At once, we suspected signs of acute flaccid paralysis, an abnormal condition characterised by the weakening or the loss of muscle tone. He was immediately admitted to the ICU and further neurological tests revealed that he has an extremely rare neurological condition known as Guillain Barré syndrome.”


Guillain-Barré Syndrome (GBS) is a rare auto-immune disorder which affects approximately only one or two people each year in every 100,000 people. Herein, the body’s immune system attacks the nerves. Weakness and tingling in your extremities are usually the first symptoms. These sensations can quickly spread, eventually paralysing the whole body. In its most severe form, it is a medical emergency. While there is no known cause or cure of the disease, most people with the condition must be hospitalised to receive treatment and relief from symptoms.


“While medical treatment was started immediately, we commenced with physiotherapy on the second day of his hospitalisation whilst he was still on bed in the ICU. Over a span of two weeks, intensive treatment and physiotherapy resulted in him walking with support. From being unable to even turn from side to side, his fighting spirit has indeed made a miracle possible. He now has a power of 3/5 in his lower limbs and 4/5 in the upper ones,” concluded Dr. Sudha Desai, Head of Department, ICU, Ruby Hall Clinic Hinjawadi. The patient went through a excessive rehabilitation under the guidance of Dr Smita Ingle, HOD Physiotherapy Department and her team which aided greatly to the improvement of the patient.


The patient Lee Han added, “From being told that I have a rare neurological condition, to almost being paralysed and then eventually walking again, it has been a whirlwind of emotions. However, I am immensely grateful for the untiring dedication and support I have received from the entire team at the hospital. Right from diagnosing my condition to getting me back on my feet, they’ve held my hand through the entire journey.”


Dr. Sudheer Rai, COO, Ruby Hall Clinic Hinjawadi concluded, “Cases such as these are extremely challenging to diagnose and treat but our team at Ruby Hall Clinic Hinjawadi is well versed to deal with such instances. The patient’s swift recovery is only proof of our commitment to health and healing and we will always strive to be a beacon of hope when our patients need it the most.”

*patient name changed to protect identity            

Dr. Sudheer Rai
Dr. Sudheer Rai

Chief Operating Officer at Grant Medical Foundation, Ruby Hall Clinic, Pune

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