Corporate Services

Pillar Of Employee Wellness & Emergency Care


The Corporate Services at Ruby Hall Hinjawadi are structured with the surrounding IT enterprises in mind. Be it periodic Health-Check packages or a yearly engagement of Wellness programs, or quick-response Emergency services, our quality service, and medical/clinical support meet and exceeds expectations. The benefits we bring can be quantified and compared to world-leading healthcare establishments.

Integrated Health Check

  • Doctor-led Health checks: High Quality, In-depth consultations Maximum Doctor interaction time (15-30 minutes)
  • Identifying “At Risk” employees and close monitoring


  • Great care delivered with ease and convenience
  • Employees get a customised plan to better health
  • Effective prevention and disease management
  • Dramatic improvement in organisational health indicators

Emergency Care & Services

State-of-the-art emergency response system for employees keeping them safe at work and at home

  • 24X7 emergency response – a single phone call to get the system activated
  • Doctor-at-home/work in an emergency
  • Ambulance – priority hospital admission arranged with a doctor accompanying the patient to the hospital

  • Trusted medical advice and guidance in all situations
  • Close coordination of care by a trusted medical team
  • Dramatically improved medical outcomes in an emergency
  • Extendable to the whole family
  • Lower costs, better care, and end-to-end ownership
  • Ruby Hall Clinic at Hinjawadi offers unique 24×7 Medical Emergency Response cover to all its patients
  • All that a member needs to do in case of a Medical Emergency is place a call on our Emergency Helpline
  • Even if it’s 3 am in the morning, our Doctor rushes to the emergency spot with an Ambulance and a Full Equipped medical kit
  • The Doctor first tries to stabilise you on the spot with the help of the available life-saving drugs

Emergency contact numbers – 1800-210-4949 (toll free)

020 66999930

Wellness At Workplace

A calendar of Wellness Events conducted by Ruby Hall Experts:

  • Participative, fun and informative events, high on employee engagement
  • To energise your employees, encourage interest in health and build team spirit
  • Creatively branded to make it an organisation initiative

Sessions we have conducted:

  • Ergonomics Session for life
  • Women Wellness
  • Stress Management
  • CPR and First Aid


  • Fosters an overall sense of well being, sending out a strong message that the company cares
  • Effective ways to encourage employees on the path to good health
  • Proven ability to control/lower chronic and lifestyle disease incidence

Occupational Health and Doctor On site

End to end management of Occupational Health Centres at factory locations. Highlights of this service are:

  • Occupational health process design for effectiveness
  • From staffing to daily management of the centre
  • Meets all Statutory Compliances & Regular Reporting & Audit by OH & IN Experts
  • Onsite Medical Centre: – Mini- Ruby Hall clinic, with the same high quality standards
  • Consult with Ruby Hall Clinic Doctor, Dietician or Physiotherapist at work

  • Convenience for employees; at their doorstep
  • First point of response in case of emergency
  • Complete Management of the Occupational Health Centre
  • Standardised care following International Regulations and protocols
  • Continuity of care
  • Outsourcing enables you to focus on your core business and growth