Orthopedics & Joint Replacement

Creating An Excellent Orthopedic Treatment System


We at Ruby Hall Clinic Hinjawadi are proud to announce following services available in Trauma and Sports injuries:

  • All kinds of fractures, compound fractures, polytrauma fractures, pelvic injuries, spine fractures are covered
  • Deformity corrections, corrective osteotomies
  • Treatment of Delayed/Malunion/Non-union of fractures is taken care of
  • Sports-related injuries-knee sprain, ankle sprain/wrist/elbow/shoulder pain related to trauma is addressed by our full-time consultant
  • All kinds of infections (osteomyelitis) open wounds, tendon injuries, crush injuries, flap surgeries are taken care jointly by orthopaedics and plastic surgery department
  • Degenerative pain in shoulder, knee, hip is also addressed

Anyone who has suffered from arthritis can attest to the severity of pain and stiffness this disease can cause. Osteoarthritis, the most common form of joint disease, weakens and breaks down cartilage and bone, causing pain as bones rub together.

Additionally, traumatic injuries, other diseases such as osteonecrosis, or simply years of use may cause a joint to wear away. This can cause pain, stiffness, and swelling.

Today, there is help for those who have severe pain or disability due to the breakdown of cartilage and bone. Total joint replacement, particularly of the knees and hips, has demonstrated to be an extremely successful type of surgical procedure in relieving pain and providing good mobility for patients of all ages.

At Ruby Hall Clinic, our goal is to offer the most sophisticated medical and surgical technologies aimed at improving the quality of life. Our patient-centred approach means that our specialists provide a personalised treatment plan, tailored to allow individuals to return to a normal lifestyle and eliminate pain. Our team consists of pioneers and foremost experts in the field of joint replacement.

We also offer novel approaches to manage and minimize pain associated with total joint replacement surgeries. Pain management actually begins before surgery. Patients take medications to reduce pain prior to surgery and pain medications are injected directly into the hip or knee joint. The goal is to reduce pain, facilitate physical therapy, and return patients to an active lifestyle as soon as possible.

The first three days after major joint replacement surgery used to be very painful. However, with the modern pain management protocol, our patients start mobilizing from the same day of operation.


Doctor Doing Surgery

Doctors and their Details

Ruby Hall Clinic Conducts the Following Procedures on a Regular Basis:

  • Knee Replacement Surgery (Total as well as Partial)
  • Fixed and Rotating Platform
  • Primary and Revision
  • Conventional and Minimally Invasive Surgery
  • Ligament Preserving Knee Replacement
  • Hip Replacement Surgery
  • Surface Hip Replacement
  • Partial and Total Hip Replacement
  • Elbow Replacement (Primary and Revision)
  • Shoulder Replacement Surgery (Partial and Total Replacement)
  • Replacement of joints of hand like the wrist joints as well as the big toe joint
  • Arthroscopic Surgeries of Knees and Shoulder joints and ligament reconstructions
  • Surgeries of the spine for treating problems of the disc, infection, trauma and other deformities including disc replacement surgery
  • Corrective surgical treatment for congenital disorders like residual polio is also available

We have modular operation theatres to cater to all the operative needs with skilled nursing staff. The Department of Orthopaedics is backed by a Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Centre offering best quality post-operative care. The physiotherapy department is well equipped with all modalities for a comprehensive holistic patient centred rehabilitation programme.