Assisting & Accelerating Post-Procedure Recovery


We live in a world that is constantly changing and we have to keep up by adapting to these changes. The Physiotherapy Department of Hinjawadi, Ruby Hall Clinic has also adapted itself and changed to become a multispecialty department, which aims to help the patient to recover normal physical functions and return to everyday activities at home and at work. Our center is designed uniquely to cater to IT professionals postural and spinal issues with advanced treatment techniques and pain management modalities. We have a special Ergonomics Demo room, where every patient understands his/her spine, learns workplace adjustments according to individual need through Audio- Visual feedback and thereafter enroll for Pain management programmes followed by graded Exercises sessions.

Our center at Hinjawadi is a central facility to reach all IT companies to provide physiotherapy facilities at their desk for the convenience of the employee and improve his/her health efficiency.

Our Specialised Programmes

  • Ergonomics workshops/lectures and preventive programmes.
  • Spinal Rehab & strengthening programme and specialized focused manual therapies.
  • De-Trac compression therapy for neck and back pain.
  • Sports injuries rehabilitation & performance enhancement of the players.
  • Neuro-rehabilitation programme with the holistic approach of treatment including physiotherapy and occupational therapy.
  • Pediatrics rehab.
  • Pulmonary rehab.
  • Obesity and fitness.
  • Matrix rhythmus therapy.
  • Shoulder rehabilitation.
  • Knee rehabilitation.
  • Ankle and foot care.
  • Theraband work station & a unique multi-functional work station is first of its kind.
  • Hand rehabilitation with dexterity functions.
  • Pregnancy care- lamaze classes (Pre-natal & post- natal)

Immediate Achievements

  • Ergonomic workshop conducted at ELITE CORE – 50 professionals benefited through workstation exercises.
  • A 2 days Mega event on ergonomics and physiotherapy evaluation with solutions conducted at TECH MAHINDRA – More than 75 employees benefited.
  • Free physiotherapy evaluation camp was organized on occasion of World Physiotherapy Day (8-9th sep) at all the three Ruby Hall centers (Main Rubyhall Clinic, Sasoon road, Wanowrie, Hinjawadi). On this day Hinjawadi Rubyhall was unveiled by the hands of HIA members. 50 patients availed the facility.
  • On the occasion of INTERNATIONAL SENIOR CITIZEN DAY celebration, a free bone density and Physiotherapy session was conducted at BLUE RIDGE society in Hinjawadi.
  • A free Mega Event was conducted at Chonde Patil Sports complex where consultation and lectures were given on sports-related injuries and management.
  • Ergonomics lectures and workshops conducted at more than 20 IT companies of Hinjawadi.
  • A free obesity camp was conducted for citizens of Hinjawadi with our Bariatric surgeon.

Now the Physiotherapy and Rehab center in Hinjawadi is fully operational with highly educated and skilled therapists from 8am to 8pm. HOD of Physiotherapy /Occupational Therapy & Rehab Centre, Main Ruby Hall Clinic, Dr.Smita Ingle with 22 years of Experience is also available 2-3 times a week and has been active in conducting Lectures on Ergonomics and workshops in All IT companies at Hinjawadi.