Advanced Tech Supporting Clinical Diagnosis


Department of radiology offers clinical services to the entire hospital for Inpatient and Outpatient. The clinical structure of department is organized in the following subspecialty divisions.

Conventional And Procedural Radiology

Radiology department has recently installed state of the art digital radiology equipment, The DRX Shimadzu Aero DR. This equipment has a 35x43cm detector and is Wifi enabled. The Digital Radiography(DR) unit has the potential of viewing in X-ray image within 5 sec of exposure.

The department is also equipped with 200 MA high-frequency X-ray Unit. In addition, it has 1 portable DR unit with display monitor to view the exposed image on the spot. Radiology department of Ruby Hall Clinic has computerized radiography with an installation of CR 800 installed in the hospital with seamless integration of diagnostic imaging. All radiology printing is done on DRYVIEW laser cameras. These are high quality, high-speed laser imagers with environmental friendly footprint.

Women’s Imaging

This section is run by our lady consultant radiologists and is equipped with high-resolution Ultrasound, state of the art Mammography unit. MR mammography facilities are also available in the Main centre. All Ultrasonography and mammography guided procedures for breast is performed in the unit.

Ultrasonography And Color Doppler

This division provides a comprehensive range of procedures, whole body sonography, biopsy, drainage and other USG guided procedures in the department. The unit has high-resolution probes with facilities of Transvaginal, Transrectal and superficial soft tissue as well as musculoskeletal USG. Portable and intraoperative ultrasonography is also provided for an Intensive care unit and Trauma patient as well as for intraoperative purpose. The department of ultrasonography and color Doppler has a high-frequency probe for arterial and venous color doppler facilities for Inpatient and Outpatient.

CT Scan Division

The hospital is equipped with a high-resolution multislice CT scanner (Siemens Somatom Scope). This Siemens Somatom Scope is a 32 slice spiral CT scanner with UFC detector efficiency higher by 10% and CARE dose 4D to reduce exposure up to 68%. It routinely performs whole body CT scans. All CT guided drainage procedures, biopsy and intervention is performed in the department.